Job Scope:

Master is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of vessel, including crew management, navigation, cargo operations and making sure that the vessel is in compliance with all international and local laws, as well as any state or company policies.

The master is responsible and accountable to Ship Owner/management for the safety of the crew and the safe operations of vessel while at the same time protecting owners and charters commercial interests.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Ensure that all shipboard activities are planned, organized in accordance with the Company QHSE, Charterers requirements, and national and international regulations.
  • Voyage plans and vessel navigation is conducted in a safe manner to achieve cost effective maintenance and operation of the vessel machinery and equipment, to maximize reliability and avoid unnecessary break down time.
  • Cargo handling, stowage and transportation are controlled in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner, and that the voyage is expedited with minimum delay or loss Safety, pollution prevention, Emergency preparedness and program of response drills and exercises to deal with emergency situations.
  • Report incidents and non-conformities on time.
  • The Master may use “Standing Orders” to comply with the Company operating policies or procedures but must not occur conflicts.
  • All shipboard administration is carried out in an accurate and timely manner in line with Company policies and instructions, and international regulations.
  • Should develop professional abilities of subordinates and motivate them for involvement in QHSE activities.
  • Maintain good customer relation by providing quality service to the client
  • Communicate with Head Office as required to ensure vessel safe operation and continuous provision of quality service.
  • Supervise the loading, securing and discharge of cargo.
  • Ensure proper implementation of new hire familiarization programme as per company policy and maintain the records on-board.
  • Ensure vessel compliance to statutory and regulatory rules and regulation.
  • Coordinate during vessel surveys & repair/maintenance.
  • Ensure maintenance of high standard of vessel operational condition.
  • Contact the Marine superintendent at any time for advice or support if in doubt concerning any matter related to safety and pollution prevention management on board the vessel.
  • Should wear and ensure all other crews on-board using appropriate safety equipment and PPE during work.
  • Inspect vessels every 15 days as a minimum, accompanied by the Chief Engineer and Chief Officer to ensure all accommodation, crew cabins, galley and laundry room are kept to a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. The inspection shall be recorded in the Log Book.
  • Undertake other assignments as advised appropriate by the Marine Superintendent/Department Head.
Overriding Authority:
  • The Master has overriding authority on-board Clients vessels with respect to making decisions related to safety and pollution prevention, and to request the Company’s assistance as may be necessary. The above statement does not in any way relieve the Master of his duties or obligation towards the clients with respect to any orders or instruction issued that do not compromise the safety of the vessel or crew. The Master may in the interests of vessel or crew safety depart from the requirements of the QHSE where particular circumstances so dictate.
Qualification & Experience:
  • Master Unlimited COC as per STCW 2010, issued from white list countries & Valid STCW mandatory training certificates.
  • 3 to 4 years experience in the same rank in same/similar type of vessel.
  • Offshore experience is must.
  • Good leadership and communication skills.